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Qingdao No. 3 Apparatus Factory is the cooperative shares system company to produce gear transmission frame (called core of pressure meter for short) professionally. With more than thirty years history, it has capacity of producing 12 million cores per year. The main products include YC20, YC30, YC40, YC50, YC60, YC70, YC100, YC120 and YC150 with about two hundred different specs of right-handed machine, left-handed machine and core of special pressure meter. At the same time, the company design and produce kinds of fittings for apparatus and component of precision hardware etc. The product has won the honor of high quality product in Shandong province. “Xinyi” brand core (there is “XY” sign on the large splint of core” has distributed to many countries and regions such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, America and West Europe etc. The company is awarded as “Contract-Honoring, Promise-Keeping” company by Qingdao industry and commerce administrative bureau and the file management has promoted national two grade.
With 9 million Yuan capital, the proprietary ratio of board chairman is more than 50%. The company covers 20,000 square meters and the total building area is 9150 square meters with 1400 square meters standard workshop, which offers creditable guarantee for introducing new items, extending production scale and processing re-fabrication.
The company has complete equipment and the main equipment includes about two hundred sets automatic lathe, gear machine tool, punch, mortise machine tool, drill press, milling machine and linear cutting machine etc. There is advanced omnipotence tool microscope and projection apparatus for quality check. Advanced and complete product equipment with perfect check method guarantees the quality and output of products.
The tenet of our company: taking faith as root; paying attention to efficiency; creating business and pursuing excellence.
With all worker board chairman & general manager Zhang Zengxin sincerely welcomes all friends from home and abroad to come!